COVID-19 Response

Dear Network Members,

In these times of uncertainty, many of us have been tasked with building new ways to share resources, deliver programming, and build capacity to support post-secondary education, credentialing, and career training. Requests like this have arisen both personally and professionally and have proven to be both challenging and rewarding. We know the Network and its members continue to champion post-secondary education and provide meaningful support to students during COVID-19. 

It is because of these challenges and rewards in an unprecedented time that we are calling upon you to share your experiences across the Network. Two of the founding objectives of the Network are to create synergy and to disseminate best practices, and at a time when strengthening partnerships and sharing best practices is more vital than ever. We want to bring these objectives into practice.

We have created a very short survey* to help us identify the most effective and useful ways to increase engagement and share resources across the Network during this time. Your answers to these three questions are invaluable to us as we seek to elevate the Network’s identity as a true resource for engagement and information sharing.

Thank you for your time,

The Network Statewide Messaging Committee | 

*The Survey is now closed.