Our vision is for Alaska’s economy to be driven by Alaskans

with relevant credentials to attain individual and collective economic independence

Our Mission

About 65 by 2025

What is 65 by 2025?

65% by 2025 – Percentage of Working-Age Alaskans who will have a Postsecondary Credential, including but not limited to:

  • Completion of an apprenticeship program
  • Industry-Recognized Licensure, Workforce Credential, or Occupational Endorsement Certificate
  • Career or Technical Education Certificate
  • Associates, Bachelors, or Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral, Professional or Advanced Degree

The Alaska Postsecondary Access & Completion Network encourages completion of a
broader range of credentials, to include any education degree or certificate, registered
apprenticeship, industry recognized certificate, certification, or license valued and awarded by
professional groups, industry, vendors, government agencies, colleges, universities or technical
schools in recognition of an individual’s attainment of measurable skills that lead to
employment, higher wages, career advancement, and/or increased job security.

The Network uses the U.S. Census Bureau’s definition of degrees and certification, licenses,
or educational certificates* to track progress towards the attainment goal of 65% by 2025.

(Examples of credentials not included: certificate of attendance at a conference, completion of
professional development workshops, regular driver’s license, etc.)

For more information on the Network please view the AKCAN Press Release.

Take Action!

How Are We Doing?


Parent & Mentor Tips

I Know I Can 119

  • Read to your child at least 15 minutes every day.
  • Create fun, learning games at home; i.e. naming shapes, colors, letters, etc.
  • Support your child in their academic learning with the following tips.


Student Tips


  • Explore your interests! Speak to family members or a school counselor, join a club, go to the library.
  • Get involved in school and community activities.




Early Childhood


Early education makes a world of difference for Alaska's children

Few programs do as much to help Alaska's kids learn as a little schooling before kindergarten.
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Investment in early childhood ed promises rich return for Alaska

We in Alaska accept that the state will invest millions and billions of dollars to develop resources for payoff down the road. Consider the long-awaited gas pipeline, consider state incentives for oil exploration and new production.
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The gift of education

During this holiday season, I am reminded of a story where a young girl gives her father an empty box for a Christmas present. The father is initially angry but his daughter explained that the box contained a kiss for him.
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Alaska Higher Ed

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Rural Alaska school districts see success in efforts to boost graduation rates

Four-year graduation statistics released by the state show rates of students earning diplomas have increased in most Alaska districts during the past five years, including in Anchorage.
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UAF sets graduation record

UAF sets graduation records: More than 1,400 get degrees, 500 donned the robe

FAIRBANKS — More than 500 university graduates made their mothers proud Sunday as they walked across the stage in the Carlson Center to receive their diplomas at the 92nd University of Alaska Fairbanks Commencement.
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Record number of students graduate from UAS

A record number of University of Alaska Southeast graduates were honored this weekend during commencement ceremonies in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka. Six hundred and eighty-five students received awards including bachelor’s and graduate degrees, occupational endorsements, and certificates.
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Commencement 2014

Commencement 2014 Sees Record Number of Graduates, including Alaska Native graduates

History was made when the first four graduates of the Alaska Native Studies and Languages program walked across the stage.
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'That's history': UAS sets record for Native graduates

For most college students, a book bag holds everything needed to make it through the day. For Nae Brown, a diaper bag was also necessary.
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National News

Value of a college Degree

The Value of a College Degree is More Obvious Than Ever

The fastest-growing sectors of the economy are all seeking college-educated workers.
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Value of College Education

The Huffington post articles
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Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say

Some newly minted college graduates struggle to find work. Others accept jobs for which they feel overqualified. Student debt, meanwhile, has topped $1 trillion.
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