2021 Network Board of Directors Elections

Greetings Network Members, Friends, and Supporters,

Elections for the 2021 Network Board of Directors seats will be held between February 24 and March 3, 2021. All Network members will have the opportunity to vote. An Election Poll will be sent out to all Network members on the Network Membership List by COB on Wednesday, February 24.

Only one polling response per Network member is allowed, and all polling responses must be received by 5PM Alaska Standard Time on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

Not a Network member yet? You can easily become one by filling out the Network Annual Membership Application. Network membership is free while members enjoy many benefits.

Below is the list of Nominees for the 2021 Network Board of Directors Elections. For more information to assist in making a deliberate decision as you vote, please click on the Biography link next to each Nominee’s name.

Nominees for the Network Board of Directors Seats:

AT LARGE (3-year Term: 2021-2024):

AT LARGE (3-year Term: 2021-2024):

BUSINESS (3-year Term: 2021-2024):

STUDENT (3-year Term: 2021-2024):

VOCATIONAL/TRIBAL (3-year Term: 2021-2024):

AT LARGE (Special 1-year Term: 2021-2022):

POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION (Special 1-year Term: 2021-2022):

RURAL ALASKA (Special 1-year Term: 2021-2022):


If you are a Network member, but have not received an Election Poll by 12PM on Thursday, February 25, please check your Spam folder in case it had been routed there. If it is not in there, please contact Dominika Szpotanska, Network Administrative Liaison, at dominika.szpotanska@alaska.gov or at (907) 269-7971.